Air Condition and Heating Services

Air Condition and Heating Services

Air Condition and Heating Services in Liberty, Dayton, Cleveland, New Caney TX | Smith Quality Air & Heat

For over 20 years, Smith Quality Air & Heat has taken pride in delivering quality, reliable air condition and heating services to our customers in the Cleveland, Liberty/Dayton, New Caney and surrounding areas.

Here at Smith Quality Air & Heat we believe in the old saying “If it is not broke don’t fix it”. When it is, call us for our quick reliable service. We realize eventually things break down and need attention. This is especially true with your a/c and heating systems. It never fails that when the weather is very hot or very cold, your system breaks down and you are left wondering whom to call. Our company provides 24 hours a day/7 day a week, same day service to get your air conditioning & heating system back up and running. If you’re a/c or heating system is giving you problems, call us anytime at 281-592-8959.

Keeping the air conditioning & heating system working properly goes a long way to keep energy bills down. As you all know, the electric bills are a big concern during summer and winter months. Go to our (FAQS) page to learn what can be done to save on energy.

Smith Quality Air & Heat provides exceptional work on any and all air conditioning and heating services. Our services include sales, repairs, system installations, ductwork, individual unit change outs, and warranties. To learn more about our services give us a call at 281 592-8959.

At Smith Quality Air & Heat, we sell top rated high-efficiency equipment that ensures quality and peace of mind. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) units with high-efficiency ratings means the system will stay running for shorter periods of time, thereby, saving you money on your electric bill.  If you are interested in upgrading to a high-efficiency unit, give us a call at 281 592-8959.

Everything seems to need some kind of maintenance, whether it is our vehicle, home, or our a/c and heating system. At Smith Quality Air & Heat, we can help you to understand what is needed for a better efficiently run system. We provide seasonal maintenance plans (spring and fall system checks/priority service) that will give you the peace of mind knowing that your unit is running efficiently for the summer and winter months.  Learn more about our priority service agreement plans here or call us at 281 592-8959.