Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Services

In Texas, during the long summer months, it’s impossible to endure the heat without an efficient running air conditioning system. A large part of our time is spent indoors to avoid extremely high temperatures. That being said, staying cool and comfortable is key.

At Smith Quality Air & Heat we are here to service whatever your a/c system may need. For over 20 years, we have been dedicated to properly servicing each and every customer. As your premier Southeast Texas air conditioning specialists, we take great pride in providing quality, reliable service to our customers in Cleveland, Liberty/Dayton, New Caney & surrounding areas. Please call anytime 24 hours a day/7 days a week at 281-592–8959 when you feel that your system is not performing up to where it should be.

You may need something as simple as a thermostat change or maybe as serious as a compressor change out. We can get your system back to cooling as soon as possible. Most repairs are completed within the first hour of our being at your home. Our truck is stocked with most parts needed. Do not let your a/c problems worry you. Allow us to diagnose and repair them.

Things you may have problems with include:

  • Airflow is noticeably decreased
  • A/C runs continuously
  • Thermostat does not function properly
  • Blower motor does not come on
  • Condenser motor does not come on
  • Condensing unit fails to come on
  • System freezes or ices up
  • Breaker kicks off when unit comes on
  • Drain line stopped up
  • Evaporator coil dirty affecting air flow

New Installations (Note: wanting the text below to expand If customer clicks on it) 

At Smith Quality Air & Heat, we give our all when our services are needed. Air Conditioning installations are part of those services. If you are wanting to upgrade your entire system from R-22 to the new R-410A refrigerant or you are in the process of building a new home and need an estimate on a complete system, call us at 281 592-8959 and let us help you decide what system is right for your home. We can give estimates on various brands of your choosing.

Air Conditioning Unit Replacement (same as above – want text to expand)

At some point, your system might require a new evaporator coil or outside condenser unit. Here at Smith Quality Air & Heat we are ready to help you choose from various brands that are efficient for your home. Call us at 281 592-8959.

Commercial A/C Service Repair (same as above – want text to expand)

At Smith Quality Air & Heat, we are ready to take care of your business’ a/c system. It may be a minor repair or even a change out of the unit itself. We know how important it is to keep your business cool and comfortable during the hot and humid Texas summer. Let us help you. Call us at 281 592-8959.

If you are having any of these problems, please call at 281-592-8959. Also, even if your system is not experiencing problems, you may be interested in our priority service agreements. Click here to find out more information (NOTE: direct customer to service agreement page)